5 Reasons the Paleo Diet Isn’t Just for Fitness Nuts

Find out the true benefits of paleo diet


Though the Paleo diet has been gaining popularity lately among diet and fitness experts and enthusiasts but its fundamental elements are nothing new.  The Paleo diet is also known as the caveman diet, the Stone Age diet, and the hunter-gatherer diet.  The diet itself is a modern twist on a diet high in those meat and wild vegetables that may have made up the diet for people living in the Paleolithic era.

The idea behind the science is that the genetic makeup of the human body and what it needs to run at optimum performance has not changed much over the 10,000 years since our ancestors were foraging the land for their food.  Though there have been many advances in agriculture throughout time, if we can eat the way our ancestors ate, eliminating those things that our body is not made to process, we will see great benefits.

The diet itself consists of eating fish and grain fed beef, root vegetables, fruit, other vegetables, fungi, and nuts, doing away with dairy products, grains, processed oils, and legumes.  The idea is that you can eat those things that can be hunted and gathered.  Enthusiasts believe that those who follow this diet and get back to their ancestral roots will see many physical benefits.  Here are just a few of these such benefits that make this diet way more than just a fad for fitness nuts, but something practical for every man.

paleo diet

1) Reduces or Eliminates Chronic Disease

People with chronic disease such as MS, high cholesterol, and heart disease have seen their symptoms reduced considerably if not disappear after some time following the contemporary Paleo diet.  There have been studies with individuals with chronic symptoms as a result of long term illness that after following the Paleo diet for a length of time have been cured or have reduced their risk of serious danger as a result of their disease.  Researchers and developers of the diet believe that our ancestors did not suffer from a disease like we do today because they were not filling their bodies with a slew of unnatural items their bodies were not properly equipped to absorb and digest.  By getting back to basics, you can make your body more able to easily process your food, store less and eliminate toxins that may be harmful or cause health issues.

Many specialists believe that eating a modern diet makes us more susceptible to cancer and diabetes along with other diseases that have been on the rise in modern times.  This diet eliminates foods that are known to pose risks associated with these diseases.

2) Lose Weight

lose weight

Experts on the diet say that you will see considerable weight loss with the reduction of “unnatural” elements in your diet: processed oils, grains and vegetables, and meat that did not gain popularity until after the agricultural revolution.  This weight loss is due in some respects to the elimination of carbohydrates in general, grains and gluten.  There are other meal plans that have mirrored this dietary structure because quite simply the elimination of these elements has proven to produce results

3) Better Skin

With the elimination of the consumption of foods that could be considered toxic or produce toxins during digestion,  anything that is processed or that your body was not designed to break down and digest, your skin can reap the benefits along with your internal systems.  When your body is cleansed and working in optimal conditions, everything is healthier; your skin, your hair, your nails, everything should improve.  The healthier you are inside, the more it will shine through on the outside.

4) Less Allergic Reactions

By following the Paleo diet, you are eliminating two major food allergens.  Dairy and gluten account for 90% of allergies related to food and neither of those are included in this diet. If you have preexisting issues related to either of these foods, the structure of this meal plan may be good for you.

5) Say Goodbye to the Bloat

Because this diet is high and fiber and low in salt, it is a great avenue for reducing the feeling and appearance of belly bloat.  By drinking a lot of water, the high fiber diet flushes the system and by eliminating the high salt foods and extra added salt, you reduce water retention thereby making your midsection appear and feel flatter and lighter.  Who doesn’t love that?

With all these benefits, it is hard to see why more people don’t give this diet a try.  After all, there is a logical science behind it that even the most practical person can see the sense and logic too.

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