Tweet Image via Wikipedia By Irida Sangemino The other day I had the privilege of reading a magazine article on how to live longer. The title announced six simple suggestions on how to prolong a person’s life, and that clearly did peak my interest. Knowing my lifestyle, I had the feeling I was going to […]

Tweet Image via Wikipedia By: Carrie Lauth No doubt you’ve heard of Green Tea and the health benefits you can experience from drinking it. Are you giving your family this powerful antioxidant daily? Here is a refresher on some of the benefits you can experience with Green Tea. Historically, Green Tea has been one of […]

Tweet This story of mine goes back 6 years, when after smoking ordinary packet cigarettes from 1- 2 packets a day (And sometimes more) for the previous 34 years, I decided to give them up and swap to hand rolling my own. This was rightly or wrongly based on the premise that by getting rid […]

Tweet By Gregory Leanza The popularity of the Acai Berry keeps on growing, especially since it is already referred to as the Magical Fruit. It is already sold in a number of stores locally, especially in groceries and supermarkets. The ever powerful Acai Berry is already included in a number of products in the market, […]

Tweet Image via Wikipedia There are a lot of Low Carb Diet and No Carb Diet myths confusing women who are trying to lose weight fast. As America’s Trusted Weight Loss Expert I am here to educate women worldwide on the dangers of low carb diets. I’m not going to be the one to lie […]

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Factsheets What is an Influenza Pandemic? Read what an influenza pandemic is and learn about its characteristics and challenges. How Does Seasonal Flu Differ From Pandemic Flu? Pandemic flu should not be confused with seasonal flu. Learn the differences. H1N1 Flu and You (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Read questions […]

Tweet Image via Wikipedia What’s Happening Now? In late March and early April 2009, cases of human infection with this H1N1 virus were first reported in Southern California and near San Antonio, Texas. All U.S. states have since reported cases of H1N1 flu infection in humans. As part of the federal government response to the […]

Tweet Image via Wikipedia How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle By Jim Rosenau Diet – lets face it, with out this you probably will not be as successful loosing weight as you would like. You can exercise all you want but if you go to fast food drive thrus all the time or eat the […]

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Our breathing patterns are very important for healthy living. One of the most frequently cited benefits of breathing correctly is relief of stress and tension; however, good breathing habits can also assist with sleeping problems, muscle relaxation, asthma and pain relief, to name a few.  So lets review some tips for […]

Tweet The pregnancy results are in and you are most definitely pregnant!  To some women, this is a time to fill the fridge with as much food as possible and sit out on the couch for the next nine months.  Here are a few food and fitness mistakes pregnant women often make that should be […]

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