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About Super Size Your Health

Supersizeyourhealth.com was founded in the Summer of 2008.  The goal of Super Size Your Health is to help you find tips for healthier living.  Empower you to take responsibility of your own health care, and to provide tools and resources to maximize healthy living.


What Bradley P. White R.Ph. has done

Here are a few things that Bradley has done:

Graduated from Purdue University School of Pharmacy in 1996

Pharmacist in Charge of the Medicine Shoppe New Philadelphia, Ohio since January 1997

Launched ecommerce site www.phillypharmacy.com in 1998

Harvard Business School Executive Education Electronic Distribution and Retailing Boston,

Massachusetts June 2000

JAG Group Menopause Management Biloxi, Mississippi November 2001

JAG Group Bio-Terrorism Response and Prevention Atlanta, Georgia November 2001

Ohio Pharmacists Association Adult Immunization Training Program Columbus, Ohio February 2002

NIPCO Diabetes Certification Orlando, Florida July 2003

PCCA Primary Compounding Training Houston, Texas May 2005

Compounding Pharmacy Lab opened in Medicine Shoppe New Philadelphia, Ohio May 2005

PCCA Non-Sterile Compounding Certification Houston, Texas May 2005

PCCA Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania June 2005

PCCA Andropause Columbus, Ohio October 2005

PCCA Sterile Compounding Certificate Program Houston, Texas October 2005

PCCA International Symposium Houston, Texas October 2005

PCCA Pain Management Symposium Cincinnati, Ohio April 2006

PCCA Veterinary Symposium Akron Zoo, Ohio April 2006

PCCA Pharmaceutical Care and Compounds for Veterinary Patients Online Course  August 2006

PCCA International Symposium Houston, Texas October 2006

Pharmaceutical Compounding Accreditation Board Certified Pharmacy October 2007 Medicine Shoppe New Philadelphia, Ohio

Academy  of Integrative Medicine Certificate May 2008

PCCA Concierge Compounding Educational Symposium April 2012

Co-Host of Health Matters Radio Show on WHBC AM 1480 Friday’s at 9:10AM EST


Bradley P. White R.Ph. has given several public presentations on health and wellness topics including:

Fight the 40 Something blues – Hormone Balancing for Women

Topical Medication for Pain Management and Migraine Sufferers

Men’s Health – all you want to know but were afraid to ask.

Overcoming Fibromyalgia

Diabetes Fundamentals

Power Nutritients for Optimum Health

Men’s Health – Dealing with Male Menopause

Diabetes – Blood glucose: What’s the big Deal?

The Link between Adrenals, Stress, and Fatigue

Balancing the Hormone Symphony

The Role of Gastrointestinal Function in Health

Clearing the Effects of Our Toxic Environment

Supersize Your Immune System! Learn how to skip the cold and flu season

The Adrenal Connection – Stress and its impact on your Health

Memberships and Associations

Ohio Pharmacists Association

National Community Pharmacists Association

International Association of Compounding Pharmacists

Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA)

Disclosure and Relationships

Bradley P. White R.Ph.  works for his family’s company, a regional chain of four Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies in Ohio full time as a pharmacist and manager in charge of Customized Medication Compounding Services, Internet Business Development, and Information Technology.


More Information

Bradley P. White lives in Ohio with his wife and son.  He travels frequently to attend pharmacy and wellness conferences.

Interests include playing with son, soccer, scuba diving, and continuing education

Contact Bradley P. White

via email at: info {at} supersizeyourhealth.com

or on Social Networks at Facebook FriendFeed LinkedIn Plurk Stumbleupon Twitter

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