It is said that what you eat has a deep effect on your health. It is always ideal to have raw food. But due to the changes in lifestyle, it is impossible to have a healthy food. Most people are attracted towards eating out at restaurants. They not only become a reason for certain diseases but also leads to unnecessary expenses. The best way is to cook food at home and could stay healthy.

While preparing food at home, you need to concentrate on different nutritional compounds. Say “NO” to the junk food and “Yes” to healthier food. For acquiring better results, there is a need of eliminating certain things, while having a meal.


Here are the five items to ban from your kitchen for healthy cooking:-


  •  This is the first item, which has to be banned in order to save yourself from several chronic diseases like blood pressure, arterial stroke and helps in heart disease too
  • Increase in weight happens due to excess intake of salt in food
  • Be careful while having processed food, as they have a high amount of salt in it
  • Intake of Additional salt results in dehydration


  • Try to avoid high intake of sugar
  • It is always good to replace sugar with honey, while having juices, squashes, energy drinks etc.
  • Having extra sugar would always lead diabetes
  • It affects the functionality of your immune system
  • There is a chance of your teeth getting decayed by eating products containing an excess of sugar
  • It even leads to blood pressure

White starches: –

  • Any food item which is white in colour is an indication of white carbohydrates which affects the body and in turn ends up in gaining weight
  • These white starches may increase the secretion of insulin, which may transform into diabetes
  • The other disturbances which are caused due to excess intake of whites in food are depressed, drowsiness and sleepiness
  • White carbohydrates are the substance made from bleached white flour like pasta, bread and other related items. They are made after polishing the majority of any grain
  • Instead of white carbohydrates, try using the unpolished flour or grains, which has fibre and in turn helps to have a good digestive system


  • It is the richest source of the unsaturated fat which helps in gaining weight
  • If you want to get rid of cholesterol which results in obesity, then the best way is to avoid using butter while preparing food
  • It results in health problems like heart attack or cardiovascular diseases. And is one of the major reasons for causing blood pressure, obesity and atherosclerosis
  • If you are using butter in cooking, try using any other healthy fat in its place


  • This is the last but not the least item to ban from the kitchen
  • The diet sodas which are available in the market are not good for health. Instead of that you may always opt for mineral water or flavoured water which is more beneficial
  • It is harmful because of the presence of chemical sugar substitutes

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