When most people decide to eat healthier, desserts are one of the first things to go. It’s relatively easy to cut out high-fat desserts, especially when each calorie counts. But what happens with this approach over time? As we all know, maintaining strict diets can be virtually impossible on a long-term basis. It’s far better to modify your dessert-eating routine to include healthier items rather than depriving yourself completely. Otherwise you might just be setting yourself up for huge cravings in the future. With smart choices and healthy recipe ideas, you can continue to enjoy dessert while maintaining a healthy diet.

Control Portion Size – this is one of the most useful skills to develop, and it doesn’t just apply to desserts. But it’s a lot easier to control your portion when dealing with something like chocolate cake or apple pie. All you have to do is cut a smaller piece and make sure to stick to it. Obviously this is easier said than done, but making sure a huge slice of cake doesn’t make it onto a plate in front of you is the first step. Try to eliminate temptation and enlist other family members to keep you under control. Remember, this isn’t about eliminating desserts completely, it’s about eating them in moderation.

Fruit and More Fruit – when was the last time you really appreciated a nice piece of fresh fruit? If it’s been a while, and it’s definitely time to revisit nature’s perfect food. All you really need for a successful dessert is something sweet that ends off your meal while leaving you satisfied. Fruit has the ability to do this in spades, and it’s not just about biting into a raw apple. You can grill pineapples, put together a full fruit salad, and enjoy different exotic fruits from around the world.

Dipping Fun – this is a great way to get healthy dessert that allows you to indulge as well. All you have to do is grab your favorite fruit and use a decadent dip. You can even use something as simple as dark chocolate, as long as it’s on the side. Dipping ensures that you don’t get too much of a good thing, and you still get a serving of fruit that is low in calories.

Forget “Fat Free” – there’s a lot of debate over whether or not you should opt for fat-free dessert options. You can find them lining the aisles of your local grocery store easily, and a lot of them are incredibly tempting. Other people might suggest using these as an alternative, but there’s always the danger of consuming too much. It’s extremely common for someone to see a dessert listed as “only 60 calories” and to be fooled. They end up eating one, two, or even three or four of these tasty treats, and sometimes it’s even more calories than they would have consumed in the first place.

Make Your Own Desserts – one of the best ways to ensure that your dessert is healthy is to make it using your own recipe. This gives you the ability to control every ingredient, and you can make adjustments accordingly. Even if you’re making a chocolate cake, there’s always a healthier way to do it using natural ingredients.

Ice Cream – speaking of making your own desserts, you can still enjoy rich creamy ice cream if you do it yourself. It’s really not as hard as you might think, and you can find a great affordable machine at http://icecreamakers.com/. A machine loaded with features will also let you enjoy low-fat options like sorbet or smoothies. This is the perfect opportunity to use skimmed milk, fewer egg yolks, and fresh fruit instead of sugar. You might even come up with a recipe that’s better than anything you can buy at your local ice cream shop.

Make it a Family Affair – when it comes to healthy meal planning, it’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate your family. You might not have all the answers right away so why not go on the journey together? It’s the perfect opportunity to teach kids want to make certain food choices, and how to find the best value when grocery shopping. Best of all, when you learn from your new dessert routine can be applied to other areas of your daily eating.

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  1. on 05 Jul 2012 at 8:55 amAdam

    So… my wife is going to make me a Rum Cake for my birthday. It has like 4 sticks of butter and 2-4 cups of sugar in it (on top of white flour and a few cups of rum).

    Would that fall into the good or bad dessert category?

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