Many of us go through an unfortunate cycle in our eating habits. We start out making a new year’s resolution to get fitter and look better than we ever have before. Often this resolution will actually work well for a while, and we will spend much of our time exercising, walking instead of taking the car, and focusing carefully on what we eat. We spend time in the gym and work out much more than we ever have before. Yet, we just do not seem to be losing very much fat. Our midsection is maybe a little better than it was, but really, we were hoping for something more noticeable by now. Well, the problem is usually that although you may be eating the correct quantity of food, the exact type may not be right. A free list of fat burning foods is an excellent place to start.

List Of Fat Burning Foods

Certain foods actively help you to burn fat. Even though two different foods may have the same number of calories, it is usually the case that one of them will better enable fast fat burning. So first, concentrate on making sure that you have plenty of protein and foods rich in fiber in your diet. The idea is to give your body plenty of time in which to digest things, and protein takes longer to digest than fat. In the process of digestion, your body will likely use up more calories, eggs are a good source of protein.


There are sometimes concerns over the cholesterol content of eggs; however, this is by and large misplaced. You are very unlikely to appreciably raise your level of blood cholesterol through eating eggs, even if you eat a great deal of them. If you are paranoid about it, you can just concentrate on the egg whites, as most of the cholesterol is present in the yolk. You will also be getting plenty of vitamin B12 from the whites, which is useful in helping to process fat.  Foods that accelerate fat burning are whole foods like vegetables, lean meats, and egg whites.

Dairy Products

These are especially good for your body. It is always possible to find low fat (or at least reduced-fat) dairy products, and these can actually help to accelerate the expulsion of fat from your body. It is well worth making a habit of eating non-fat yoghurt every day, as this is a very good example of a snack food that is good for you. All dairy products provide numerous advantages to your bodily health as a whole, and are a fine choice when trying to lose weight.

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Research You Can Do Yourself

It is a good idea to do your own research online as to what foods are better for you. You can do this by looking for a list of fat burning foods, even one that focuses on a particular kind of food, like dairy products for example. You might even find examples of specific products that are both healthy and suitable for lowering fat content. Finding fat burning foods is a really good way to help the process along, and if you keep up your exercise in addition to it, you will likely continue to see an improvement in your overall fitness.

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